Bonaire 2001



Photo's at last. All a bit of an experiment so I hope it works OK.

The slides have all been scanned, there is still, however, a problem with getting the colour balance right for the scenic shots, but I am working on it. The originals look a lot better !!

I hope it brings back fond memories. Fluffy clouds!

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Basket sponge 2.JPG (176176 bytes)blue tang.JPG (462821 bytes)Coral sunburst.JPG (516457 bytes)Free swimming Moray 2.JPG (570973 bytes)blue tang 2.JPG (76877 bytes)Arrowhead crab on sponge.JPG (114479 bytes)Puffer almost.JPG (129024 bytes)

Anemone and shrimp.JPG (254024 bytes)blue tang & tube sponge.JPG (321240 bytes)caff.JPG (401229 bytes)Frog fish 4.JPG (362165 bytes)free swimming turtle.JPG (95349 bytes)Baracuda 3.JPG (76976 bytes)Puffer closeup.JPG (118640 bytes)

Baracuda1 mid res.JPG (224270 bytes)cathy wave.JPG (57568 bytes)feather star & caff.JPG (191564 bytes)Elegant diver small.JPG (74712 bytes)Anemone and arrowhead crab.JPG (98638 bytes)brain coral.JPG (97478 bytes)Shrimpy things.JPG (110730 bytes)

Standalone brain coral.JPG (596666 bytes)Nipples.JPG (685038 bytes)Tiger Grouper 2.JPG (652240 bytes)Lobster in wreck.JPG (339185 bytes)Sea Horse 2.JPG (504953 bytes)Sea Horse3.JPG (59324 bytes)elegant but shame about the strap.JPG (57312 bytes)Small Moray2.JPG (109893 bytes)

Fireworm.JPG (168928 bytes)flamingo tongue.JPG (52695 bytes)Frog fish 3.JPG (72727 bytes)Frog fish 2.JPG (61773 bytes)Frog fish 5.JPG (76488 bytes)Leaping frog fish.JPG (67735 bytes)Soft coral.JPG (159417 bytes)

Grumpy 1.JPG (118389 bytes)Grumpy 2.JPG (103731 bytes)Grumpy 3.JPG (129284 bytes)Hermit crab in full flight.JPG (126699 bytes)moray.JPG (146904 bytes)Octopus.JPG (130420 bytes)Tiger Grouper at cleaning station.JPG (136309 bytes)

Tone 1.JPG (48815 bytes)Tone in a shoal.JPG (58321 bytes)Tube sponge.JPG (68153 bytes)under the salt pier2.JPG (60132 bytes)Who needs air.JPG (65907 bytes)Willys.JPG (100449 bytes)Xmas tree highrise.JPG (112055 bytes)

xmas tree worms 2.JPG (102438 bytes)xmas tree worms 3.JPG (109859 bytes)cathy, tone & debs.JPG (130427 bytes)