Lembeh Straits 2004

The Lembeh Straits, North Sulawesi. Sept/Oct 2004. - Have you ever looked through the fish/critter books and thought "I wish I could see one of those". Well here you can. A unique blend of organic (black) sand from the volcanoes, strong nutrient-rich currents (which you can avoid) and shelter from wave action all combine to create this unique area. The Lembeh straights are about 16 miles in total but the main area for diving is concentrated into about a 2 mile stretch. There are also 3 wartime wrecks and reef diving on the opposite side of the straights which has golden sand. The dive guides are local and know the area inside out. They can also spot the most amazing things (I am convinced they take them with them and just whip them out of a pocket when noone is looking!). We will now find it difficult to pass an urchin, chrinoid, sea cucumber, anemone or coral without checking for shrimps & crabs!

Maranda and Steve run the resort and between them together with the 84 staff looking after a maximum of 30 guests you will have a fab time. The whole place just works for diving and non-divers. We were both really taken with Indonesia and the people. A fascinating place and the friendliest people. A real breath of fresh air compared with large chunks of the planet that seem on an inevitable industrialisation/commercialisation/westernisation route. This really is a special place and we will certainly be returning sometime - anyone want to join us?


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