GBR & Osprey Dec 2003

December 2003 and its Queensland, 31 degrees and a trip onboard Undersea Explorer - it doesn't get much better than this. Heading out we stop at some of the Ribbon Reefs that form a part of the Great Barrier Reef.  The viz is not great but this is not the main part of the trip - an overnight journey takes us to Osprey Reef a large offshore reef that has dropoffs, drifts, corals, sharks, nudis, etc etc. This is a wonderful place and the subject of a campaign to give it protected status along with the GBR. UE is at the forefront of this campaign and is undertaking research to substantiate its claims. Other research includes shark tagging, Minke Wales and while we were there, Nautilus research.

We will be going back and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to join them - the boat is a real "dive" boat without some of the frills you might get in the Red Sea but the essentials are all there and more than compensated for with the dive facilities, food,  nightly lectures and overall experience you have.

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