Red Sea May 2003

9th - 16th May 2003 - Our first week spent at Marsa Shagra courtesy of Hesham and his most hospitable team. We spent the week diving on the house reef - passing up the chance to go on the truck dives in favour of having the whole place to ourselves !! Although people thought we were rather odd we saw a huge amount of marine activity and saw only 2 other divers in the water for the whole week :-)

Look out for the mating Octopus, "Sea Grass ghost pipe fish", the shrimps on the Moray and the wonderful "slugs".

Cathy became expert in "spotting" things which is really frustrating if you have just swam over them - but I got my own back with the Pipe Fish!!

This was the first tryout of the new digital camera system. (Nikon 5000 in a Sea & Sea housing.) It was truly satisfying to take the shots that you wanted!

17th - 24th May 2003 in the Red Sea. The second week was spent on Suzanna 1 visiting the Brothers, Daedelus & Elphinstone (Shaab Shagra).

The boat was great and thanks to Waleed, Chris and the crew for looking after us.

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